Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Haircut

Claire-E got her first hair cut just in time for Easter. Mommy is now quite experienced with cutting little boy's hair, but is learning on the job with little girl hair!

These are the before photos:

And here she is with her new "do":

What we've been up to...

On April 2 I ran in the Monument Avenue 10k with my sister, Susannah, and two of her friends from college. It was my third 10k and my first time getting to run in a race with my sister. I am proud to say that this mama of five kept up with the college girls!

Almost to the finish line!

Vianne, Laura, Susannah and Gretchen

Some of Bryce's artwork was selected for display at the Chesterfield County Schools Art Fair. We are so proud our our kindergarten artist!

Claire is cuter than ever in her spring wardrobe and mommy is having so much fun with the sandals and sundresses.

Over spring break Grant was able to participate in golf camp. He thoroughly enjoyed it.

Of course there was dying of eggs in preparation for Easter...

Now that spring is officially here we are spending every available moment outside. We love the beautiful spring weather! In addition to hanging out in our backyard, we've been able to visit several local parks recently.


Grant completely got Davis dressed for bed one night after bath time, even fixing Davis' hair in the style he has been sporting lately. Little Davis looks a lot like his biggest brother. Two sweet boys!

*Notice the rug burn on Grant's nose. Grant did a very good impression of an inchworm for us at home, which unfortunately resulted in a rug burn on his nose. The next day after he got home from school I asked him if anyone asked about his rug burn. "Everyone!" he said to me with a grin. "I want to have rug burn every day!"