Sunday, February 28, 2010

Career Day

This past week Grant's school had "Career Day" where parents of students at the school came in and spoke to the kids about their respective occupations. It was a fun morning of hearing several moms and dads share about what they do at their jobs. There were a broad scope of careers represented from a doctor, to a chef, and to top it off a soldier flew in a Black Hawk helicopter and landed at the school! This, as you can imagine, was a huge hit with the children. They got to watch it take off from the field behind the school. Grant excitedly told us about how much wind the blades made and quickly found his toy helicopter and "flew" it until dinner that night. Brian had considered going in to talk to the boys and girls about engineering, but was relieved that he hadn't been one of the speakers. "A Black Hawk? How can you top that?" he asked.

Choices, Choices, Choices

We have been working with the boys lately on making good choices, reminding them that attitude and obedience are a choice that they have to make. During a recent visit to Chick-fil-a (our restaurant of choice these days) we were able to evaluate our parenting strategies.
Grant and Bryce were sitting together at their own table (our family no longer fits into a single booth) when all of a sudden Bryce yelped out for help. Brian rushed over to find Bryce's cup busted open, ice water spilling all over the table and all over Bryce's lap.
"Bryce, why did you smash your cup?" Brian questioned.
"Grant told me to!" answered an unhappy Bryce.
Grant quickly responded with, "You have to make the right choice, Bryce."

Thursday, February 11, 2010


The past few weeks we have gotten more than our fair share of snow around here. Neither Brian or I are big fans of the white stuff but have attempted to make the best of being snowed in for two weekends in a row with our five little ones.

Because of the snow there have been a few conversations (snow-versations) that struck me as funny.
While waiting in the checkout line at Walmart on Friday afternoon before the big snow (along with everyone else in town), I overheard a disgruntled Walmart employee explaining to the customer at her register, "Ma'am if it has snow in the word, we don't have it. Snow shovel, snow boots, snow sled, snow pants, snow gloves, we ain't got it!"
It seems that everything has been affected by the snow. School has been out, church services cancelled and many of the activities that the children and I do on a weekly basis have been called off because of the snow. Yesterday, in an attempt to get out of the house I decided that the roads were clear enough for us to venture to Chick-fil-a for dinner. As I rounded everyone up to get into the van, explaining excitedly that we were going to Chick-fil-a, Bryce asked me, "Mom, is Chick-fil-a cancelled?"
You know you've gotten a lot of snow when your three-year-old screams excitedly from the back seat of the car, "Mom, look---GRASS!!!"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

One Month Old

Claire is one month old today. What a wonderful month it has been...

Coming home from the hospital.

First walk in the neighborhood.

Cuddles with daddy and Davis.

Pretty in pink.

First visit to the pediatrician.

Peaceful in the bassinet.

Meeting new friends.

Grant and "Claire Bear" as he has nicknamed her.

First bath.

Carter all smiles with the "new baby."

Bryce warming up to his new little sister.

Davis helping with the pacy.

We love you Claire!

Chef Boyardee

Davis was introduced to Chef Boyardee this week. He is a big fan. I'm not so sure about myself...

Welcome Baby Claire!

The ladies of my Sunday School class, headed up by my dear friend Jillian, gave me a baby shower for Claire. They did and equisite job and it was a special evening of celebrating the arrival of Claire and showering her with all things girly.

These edible pacifiers were worn as necklaces and could be stolen if the person wearing one said the word "baby." Whoever had the most pacifiers at the end of the evening won!

Aunt Susannah, Claire, Gramma, Grammy and Aunt Tara

The team of ladies who helped organize the shower.

Beautiful decorations and delcious food.

Game time!

Tara was very creative at holding the baby!
Thanks to all who helped with the shower and everyone who attended. I thoroughly enjoyed the event! You will be seeing many of the fun girly things that Claire recieved on her in upcoming photos. Her closet is well-stocked now!