Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fall Fun

Fall has been both fun and full in the Little household.  With homeschooling and football added to the daily agenda, we've been staying pretty busy!  

The kids on the first day of Classical Conversations.

Grant 4th grade 

Bryce 2nd grade

 Carter Kindergarten

 Davis age 4

Claire age 2 

 Carter making patterns and sorting with M&M's. Yum!

Lil' Miss with one of the baby hamsters.  She loves animals.

This year we are learning world geography and about many countries and people groups around the world.  The boys made a craft with children dressed in traditional clothes from several different countries. 

Our flag football player. 

On September 7 I became an AUNT!  My brother, Eric, and his wife, Mandie, welcomed Cannen Eric into their family.  He is adorable!  I am so excited to be an aunt!

So precious...

Grant and Bryce with their world map cake.

The park after school.

Go Wildcats!

Celebrating Brian's birthday in September with wings from Buffalo Wild Wings.  Fun!

We had a fiesta with our friends to kick off our study of Mexico.

In her Sunday best...

Happy Birthday Carter!

Our sweet Carter turned six the end of August.  We enjoyed celebrating with him!  

We began the day with homemade donuts for breakfast.  
For anyone that knows Carter, donuts are his FAVORITE food! 

 Carter helped mommy make his birthday cake.

 We celebrated with a Lego-themed birthday party.

Game time! 

Lots of laughs during the pizza dinner! 

Lego toss 

A Lego creation game.  The boys loved this! 

Happy 6th Birthday Carter Bradley!  

Carter brings so much laughter and fun to our home.  With his fun-loving personality, there is always a good time to be had when Carter is around.  Carter loves to play with his brothers and is especially sweet to his little sister.  He knows how to make people laugh, but is also quick to give his mom a hug or kiss his sister goodnight.  Carter enjoys riding bikes, building with Legos, drawing and art projects, playing Nerf guns and climbing trees.  He is a true joy and we are blessed to have Carter in our family!

August 2012

A few highlights from the month of August...

Fun at the park!

Summer crafts...

Claire loves preparing food for all of us!

Three Lakes Park with friends.

 Claire in her new big girl bed.

 The way she originally wanted to pose for the photo...silly girl!

Our hamsters gave us another batch of babies.  
Eleven this time!

We started school the end of August. For our first science experiment we created habitat for night crawlers.  The boys loved it! 

Watching as the worms made tunnels, mixing the soil with the sand.