Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spring Summarized

So, it seems that I have long neglected updating this blog.  Not that there has been a lack of blog-worthy material, on the contrary, we've been having so much fun that finding time to sit at the computer and document hasn't come easy. 
Taking a deep breath's to getting caught up!

Monopoly, or better yet--Virginia Techopoly-- became a favorite game at our house.

We were able to meet Grammy's friend from Japan, Chako.  We took her to visit the Japanese gardens at Maymont Park.  She shared some of her authentic Japanese rice balls with us and the boys enjoyed playing with the old fashioned Japanese toys that Chako gave to them.  

Classical Conversations came to a close.  This is a photo of Carter during the closing ceremony.  We all greatly enjoyed and benefitted from our first year of C.C. We look forward to participating again next year!

The Easter Egg hunt at Parkway Baptist was quite a thrill for the kids--eggs were dropped from a helicopter!  

Aunt Tara and Uncle Archie came for a visit--fun!

Our good friends, the O'Connors, spent the night making it 8 kids (7 of them boys) 
in our house for the night!  We had a blast!  

We welcomed my brother, Eric, back from his deployment in Japan.  Thank you for your service, Eric!  
Eric and his wife, Mandie, are expecting a baby boy in September.

We did several field trips.  This photo was taken at the Virginia Living Museum.

Carter went through the letters of the alphabet this year in Junior Kindergarten.  
We had a fun activity for each letter.  This was our "X marks the spot" treasure hunt.  

Lil' Miss and Davis just because...

A visit to some recreation's of two of Columbus' ships.

The guys had fun camping at Pocahontas State Park.

We studied American history this year so it was only fitting that we include a trip to Monticello 
(even if it is in Charlottesville).  

The boys' favorite part was learning about Jefferson's air tunnel 
(a vent for the indoor privies).

In September I blogged about our hamster Pancake.  We recently got a female hamster, Cupcake.

Pancake + Cupcake = Shortcakes (i.e. 10 baby hamsters!)

Just arrived! Tiny, pink and hairless. 

The proud mommy.

One week old. 

One month old.