Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You know you're a mom of boys when...

Our male-dominated household is noisy and amusing.  There is certainly never a dull (or quiet) moment around here.  Wherever there is a group of boys there is fun to be had--and it usually involves some kind of mischief.  There are many fascinating and perplexing moments that occur every day in the life of a mom of boys.  These are just a few of mine from recent days: tell your son to please take the (rather large and alive) beetle off the kitchen table in such a calm voice and without even flinching that it amazes even yourself.  Because, after all, you have come to understand and accept that insects are just part of life with boys. do have a "breaking point" with bugs however, and have discovered, much to your chagrin, that plastic insects placed under the sheets in your bed and live cicadas being tossed at you both cross that line.  Your boys (and everyone within earshot) now know this also, which you realize may be to your disadvantage. keep a collection of 'treasures' on top of the dryer--the interesting items found in boys pockets when doing laundry.  There are the usual assortment of rocks, sticks, golf tees, and coins, but when the clanging in the dryer alerted you to something that was left in a pocket, you smiled when you pulled out a pocket knife and an arrowhead.  Boys are so much fun.

...while tucking in a boy your foot hits something under his bed.  You peek under the bed skirt and discover that you have knocked over a bowl of dirt.  You ask your son why he has a bowl of dirt under his bed and he explains that it is his pet worm.  His pet worm that died.  You continue on with the the bedtime routine because worms can wait until morning. bring home your hot, sweaty, muddy boy from football practice and still have to tell him, "Yes, you have to take a shower."